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Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources


  • Environment Policy.
  • Mining Policy.
  • Forestry Development Policy.
  • Inventory and Protection of Natural Resources.
  • Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme (LVEMP).
  • National Environment Management Authority(NEMA).
  • Development of Forests, Reafforestation and Agroforestry.
  • Water Catchment Area Conservation, Control and Protection.
  • Mineral Exploration and Mining.
  • Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI).
  • Kenya Meteorological Department.
  • Kenya Meteorological Training College.
  • Hon. Chirau A. Mwakwere, E.G.H., M.P.
Assistant Ministers
  • Hon. Ramadhan Seif Kajembe, M.P.

Mineral Resources

  • Hon. Rev. Julius Murgor, M.P.
Permanent Secretary
  • Mr. Ali Dawood Mohamed
Contact Information
NHIF Building, Ragati Road,
P.O. Box 30126, Nairobi
Tel. 2730808
Fax: 2710015/2725586
Telegrams: "MAJI"