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Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance



· Financial and Economic Policies.
· National Budget Co-ordination and Control.
· Bilateral and Multilateral Development Financing.
· Technical Assistance.
· Government Revenue, Expenditure and Borrowing.
· MTEF and Budget Monitoring.
· Kenya Revenue Authority.
· Banks and Banking.
· Insurance Policy and Regulation.
· Financial Institutions.
· Capital Markets Authority.
· Public Debt Management
· Government Accounting Services and Internal Audit.
· Public Procurement Oversight Authority.
· Custodian of Government Assets and Property.
· Divestiture of Public Enterprises.
· Public Procurement Complaints Review and Appeals Board.
· Public, Private Partnership Unit.
· Government Coast Agent.
· Retirement Benefits Authority.
· Public Pensions Policy and Administration.
· Government Information Technology Services (GITS).
· Monopolies and Prices Commission.
· Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance
Hon. Robinson Githae, EGH, M.P.
Assistant Minister
  • Hon. Dr. Oburu Odinga,. M.P.

Permanent Secretaries

· Mr. Joseph K. Kinyua, C.B.S.

Financial Secretary
· Mr. Mutua Kilaka, S.S.

Investment Secretary
· Mrs. Esther Koimet, E.B.S.

Economic Secretary
· Dr. Kamau Thuge

Contact Information

Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 30007, Nairobi
Tel. 020 252299
Fax: 310833
Telegrams: "FINANCE"