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Ministry of Roads


· Roads Development Policy.
· Public Works Policy
· Development, Standardization and Maintenance of Roads.
· Materials Testing and Advice on Usage.
· Public Works Planning and Policy Development.
· Standardization and Maintenance of Plant and Equipment.
· Vehicles, Plant and Equipment.
· Kenya Roads Board.
· Development and maintenance of Public Buildings.
· Maintenance of Inventory of Government Property.
· Provision of Mechanical and Electrical Services.
· Supplies Branch.
· Co-ordination of Procurement of Common user Items by Government Ministries.
· Kenya Building Research Centre.
· Registration of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors.
· Registration of Contractors and Materials Suppliers.
· Registration of Civil, Building and Electromechanical Contractors
· Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology.
· Other Public Works.

  • Hon. Frankiln Bett., M.P.
Assistant Ministers
  • Hon. Dr. Wilfred Machage, M.P.
  • Hon. Lee Kinyanjui, M.P.
Permanent Secretary
  • Mr. Michael Kamau
Contact Information
Ministry of Works Building, Ngong Road
P.O. Box 30260, Nairobi
Tel. 2723101, 2723188, 2723155, 2723111-6/ 2723582-87
Telegrams: "MINWORKS"