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Nairobi, June 10 , 2011

President Mwai Kibaki with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon during a past meeting.

Kenya supports Ban Ki-Moon for second term

Kenya has declared her support for a second term for U.N. Secretary General H.E Ban Ki-Moon.

In a letter to Ban Ki-Moon, President Mwai Kibaki declared, "As you seek the General Assembly's concurrence for a second term, let me assure you of my country's support for your candidature".

President Kibaki hailed the U.N Secretary General for his stewardship of the global body.

"I would like to acknowledge your efforts in striving to promote fairness, equity and multilateralism in international relations for the betterment of all nations and the achievement of sustainable growth and development." the President said.

President Kibaki also saluted Ban Ki-Moon for his support towards the United Nations operations both at the regional offices in Nairobi and Africa.




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