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Nairobi, November 08, 2007

President Mwai Kibaki acknowledge greetings from PNU supporters who lined to greet him at Ngara while on his way to Ndururuno Secondary School, Huruma where he addressed a public rally.

Muthurwa hawkwers market to be ready soon

President Mwai Kibaki today announced that construction work on the hawkers' market in Muthurwa, Nairobi would be completed soon to provide a modern facility to thousands of hawkers in the city.

Addressing a public rally at Ndururuno Secondary School in Starehe Constituency, President Kibaki disclosed that the government had so far spend 800 million shillings on the project which would be ready end of this month.

Noting that the government was concerned with the welfare of hawkers and other small scale traders in the country, President Kibaki said the Muthurwa project would be replicated in other towns around the country.
Said the President, "Similar markets will be built in major towns in the country to improve working conditions of the hawkers who form are important section of our society."

The Head of State pointed out that the government was encouraging entrepreneurship amongst Kenyans and would continue to create an enabling environment in which businesses thrive.

In this connection, President Kibaki said the government would not tolerate people bent on frustrating business activities adding it would provide businessmen with the necessary protection to ensure that they succeeded in their endevours.

He particularly condemned the tendency by some tenants in parts of the city of Nairobi for deliberately refusing to pay their rents, saying such conduct was illegal and tantamount to extorting services. "As a government, we shall protect landlords from these extortionists by ensuring that tenants fulfilled their obligations," he said.

The President also spoke against tribalism noting the vice was a threat to nationhood. He stated that a majority of Kenyans were committed to the spirit of brotherhood where people of different ethnic groups lived peacefully together.

Noting that the younger generation of Kenyans did not subscribe to tribalism, President Kibaki said tribalism was a retrogressive idea that should be discarded. Said he, "Our young people have grown up together, gone to the same schools and colleges and are now working together as Kenyans. This unity should not be poisoned by a few old men who have failed to live up to the times."

On the youth and women enterprise development funds, the President revealed that the seed money for each of them had now grown to 3 billion shillings and asked women and young people to come up with viable projects that will attract funding.
Emphasizing that the government was committed to uplifting the status of the youth and women in the country, President Kibaki advised those who will borrow the funds to repay so that the funds can benefit others.

Once again the President appealed to Kenyans to re-elect him to a second term of office, saying based on his experience, he was best placed to steer the affairs of this country for the next five years. In response, the huge gathering by a show of hands assured him of their votes come the general elections.

Other speakers at the rally included Cabinet Ministers Maina Kamanda and John Michuki, Assistant Ministers David Mwenje and Danson Mungatana and the former leader of the official opposition Uhuru Kenyatta.

They condemned proponents of majimbo saying the system would divide Kenyans and bring anarchy to the country.
They noted that under President Kibaki's stewardship revenue collection in the country had increased tremendously, an effort they attributed to professionals appointed to run various sectors of the economy.

In this regard, the leaders criticized some opposition party chiefs who were promising public service jobs to civic and parliamentary aspirants who fail in party nominations."This will end up staffing public firms with unqualified people who will mismanage them because of ineptitude," they noted. They cautioned Kenyans to be wary of sweet taking individuals who had nothing tangible to offer for development at this electioneering time.




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